ZR Per Diem Services LLC

The Worst Per Diem Law Firms In New York City

Let’s face it – Per Diem law firms are the lowest of the low, literally the bottom of the barrel in terms of legal ethics, professionalism, intellectual ability, and are borderline notarios or fraudulent in that they somehow avoid having to form and abide by the attorney-client relationship, model rules of attorney ethics, confidentiality, duty of loyalty, fiduciary duty, or ethics obligations to innocent clients and law firms in New York City especially.

But as a rule, they get away with their criminal unethical business because they bribe and lobby the correct Jewish Mobsters in New York who own the Attorney Disciplinary Committees, the NYCLA Fee Dispute Committees, the NYS Commission on Judicial Conduct, and the NYS Office of Court Administration, all under the thumb and control of fellow Jewish mobsters themselves.

That’s why it’s no wonder that the top-most Per Diem law offices in New York City are predominantly run and protected by Jewish criminals. The worse Per Diem law offices in New York City are:

ZR Per Diem;
Danielle Caminiti;
Per Diem Services;
Samson Freundlich.

Hopefully we will get an honest New York Attorney General (not that Aunt Jemima Letitia James who is still living on her Jewish Masters plantation) or a decent New York State Inspector General who will investigate and shut down these “corner cutting” unethical illegal law practices.

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