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Zoey Alway — Edmonton’s Alway Slore

Zoey Alway — Edmonton’s Alway Slore

Hey Edmonton, meet Zoey Alway ! Edmonton’s finest DRD carrier! This girl is putrid and honestly disgusting in more ways than just one. The is the worse friend and an even worst roommate. I used to roomie with this girl and I am glad I got as far away from her as I could. She has super bad anger issues I’m not sure if it’s just from all the drugs she does or if she actually has a problem. I remember one time I borrowed something of hers (as she was borrowing my makeup), and she actually completely lost it on me. Made the biggest deal of it like I killed her dog or something! It’s no joke. She also sleeps around like nobody’s business. She has a new guy almost every single night. Ugh gross, she used to brag to me about how she was sleeping with her ex boyfriend while his girlfriend was waiting for him at home… where is your self respect Zoey?! This girl has none, not for herself not for anyone. It’s getting bad, there was a point where I couldn’t even stand to sit by her because she just smelled of fish. It was disgusting. Straighten yourself out Zoey, stop going to so many raves and act like an adult. You graduated from college for what? Beware Edmonton.

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