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Zach Reid NonAmbulance Driver

Zach Reid NonAmbulance Driver

 Reid, the ambulance driver should I say. Negative he can’t even stay in between the lines. Nor is he aloud to go over 60 mph due to the fact he gives the ambulance a death wobble. He has to drive as a trainee because of his bad driving skills. (If looking to hire, we recommend not) including the fact for coworkers in EMS (DO NOT GET INVOLVED) he will get attached to you he will stalk you and your Facebook and will blow up your phone. He will over read into your relationship and try to make it or. And if you are a nice person and don’t want to let him down easy do not lay into it. MR. Reid will buy into being in a relationship with you and will push you to hang out with him in which he will tell people and call hanging out with you at work a “date”. Trust me they will not be dates. My friend had papers dropped of to her at work and he would not leave, later on he told me and my coworkers that his date went great. 10/10 not recommended… steer clear??

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