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Yoensy George Gamboa Austin TX

Yoensy George Gamboa Austin TX

Yoensy Gamboa a cuban dangerous man he live sin austin tx but is from guantanamo cuba . Woman beater cheater and worst of them predator and phedopille. When Yoensy was in his twenties he went after under age girls hes a Predator he would see a girl under age and thats what he was after he was linked to multiple under age girls 14 and 15 years old all cuban too. He also had a baby mama who he tortured for 8 long years he cheated on her gave her STD’S and he beat her up so bad he was arrested for abusing her and breaking her jaw this was june 2013 he beat her so bad he was arrested and charged for abuse. He snorts and is dependent on drugs doesnt work and lives at his mom home on her sofa lives in section 8 apartments and has nothing on his name him and his mom live of the government by lying on low income and scamming the IRS.

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