Tsuut’ina’s very own Escort Chelsea Big Crow, HIV aids, Lives on Onespot Hill and offers her service is right out of Kirbys house…..

Chelsea, I told you to stay away from my husband but instead you offered your services to him and he fell for the bait he told me everything about you.

He told me that he fucked you so hard up the asshole that when you fart shit comes out.. Stink ? Lmfao

You’re not even ashamed of yourself but you should be.

Smelly pussy whore like you!!!
Keep selling your stink pussy for Meth.

Call the housing department there is a task force working to get you out of that house..

Honestly are you that much of a Big Crow dog that you won’t leave that house fucking mutt..

You’re just like your mother a dirty whore, lysa was just passed all over Sarcee you when she was younger and that Blackfoot bitch grandmother of yours Elizabeth just a fucking whore bitch from Siksika Nation.

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