Tsuut’ina Nation property management, Tsuut’ina Nation Bandoffice, Tsuut’ina Nation administration building, Biggest blackest fishy smelliest hole on Sarcee nation

This one’s acts like she’s real good she’s just a fucking wide-open pussy hole for COKE.. Who fucking has five kids and gets them all taken away due to drugs and alcohol only the smelly whore….

Acting like you’re some kind of professional on the Internet you’re just a professional cocksucker for drugs..

From my understanding everybody fucking hates you in Tsuut’ina and you ripped off the wrong drug dealer you’re marked bitch..

You can only hide in that one spot house for so long CHELSEA THE WHORE.

Are you still collecting child tax lmfao BUMS

Are you and Dwayne still walk into the liquor store from Kirby‘s house lol

You can try and remove all of this garbage off the Internet we will send this to Dwayne Crowchild in the mail hahahahha One day he just won’t come home and this will be the reason why sting panties Chelsea gross whore…

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