Tri State Trash: Mindy Murray and Khloe

Hybristophilias and pedophiles like Mindy Murray are very well known for using people, very much acting like theyre at work 24/7 while they seek affection from rapists, dope fiends, and criminals. They will use every guy and girl for money as they show interest in you given you buy them something or take them somewhere while they seek a rapist, dope fiend, and criminal for affections. Hybristophilias use any and every man and woman that will spend money on them, then toss them under the bus til they see criminal and rapists when released from jail. Mindy Murray is the hybristophilia prototype. Meet Mindy Murray, Cincinnati, Ohios and Covington, KYs hybristophilia, pedophile, pathological liar, LESBIAN, narcissist, con artist, deadbeat, cheater, manipulating whore, homewrecker, criminal, felon, and a grimy, trifling thief. She not only cheated on her ex of a 2 yr relationship, but she was caught cheating on him with a woman who is a high level felon so she can be a lesbian for her own benefit, thus making her a hybristophilia. Because she was caught cheating and it all blew up in her face instead of being a real woman and swallowing the pill of shame, she chose steal from anyone and everyone she possibly can while running, hiding, and ducking like the two face coward she is, choosing to go too far with her acts of cowardice while investing in a fake persona behind mobile devices and social media, resorting to blocking as a way to prove she lacks character by being fake tough. Mindy Murray is the definition of a hybristophilia and pedophile who is a grimy, coward, ratchet that is too fake tough to confront you face to face. People feel sorry for any man and woman that actually knows this money hungry, cowardly, pathetic, toxic, narcissistic walking disgrace. She has no remorse for anyone that gets hurt in the process of her selfish, manipulative, vindictive, hybristophilia ways so have no remorse for her as she is heartless trash who needs put away for good.

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