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Travis Campbell Mc’shrimpin

Travis Campbell Mc’shrimpin

Ladies, meet the newest release of the CSC finest, Travis campbell. What a lunatic this WHITEBOY is. First off he’ll tell you he just got out of jail for 5 years and he’s been so abused and hurt by women that he’s cried himself to sleep every night for the last 11 years. it’s so easy to see him cry, and awkward two, what guy with face tattoos cries like a baby after getting out of the pen? Now let’s move onto his ittty bitty tiny little shrimpin partner, if he doesn’t take boner pills ladies make sure you have a good mental alertness cause your going to be boreeeeed as he tries to impress you for hours. He will tell you he’s a ticketed welder, but the only thing he welds is his lips around his daddy’s d1ck to be a good boy and keep His room & his steady income from dad. He’ll steal your pets, go through your phone and be very shady yet tell you he’s falling inlove with you and your his everything, while telling 3+ other girls the same thing at the same time. He prays on women with his pitty me act, while holding onto his ex girlfriends dildo Probly for some satantic sh1t. You’ve been warned of this mcshrimpin & his disrespect for women.

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