Austin Cheaters Complaint Against Cheaters

Trash big crow/big plume

Oh this little no shame cunt….just calls down innocent unborn babies and little children that can’t defend themselves and exposed her hatred so bad. What a jealous sleezy whore! That 4 timing cum bucket!! We get it u tide ur your tubes and can’t have babies no more lol not our fault u can’t give dom babies so u rip him away from his own lmfao I swear yr the devils due. Making him talk shit about his God son and making him hate it so much! Not our fault he won’t admit to u how u fucked up his life..u hateful sleezy low down dog! Calling down innocent kids and elders . U deserve to burn in hell and after all cane u raised u silly stupid gross sour bitch!! Talking about ur finances fam…no fucking shame. No wonder ur mad lol id be mad too if u threw seeds on Dominic’s beautiful mother sister and grandma’s name while it grew flowers bcuz no one even wants to think of ur trash ass name such a disgrace to humanity!! The didn’t even want u lmfao boo fucken hoo sleeze ball

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