Tom Lavella St Marys PA

I hope that this message saves one other female from the assualt that this sociopath will inflict on you, should you meet him on one of the various hook up apps he uses. In October of 2021, I had the serious misfortune of meeting this extremely disordered individual. He has a pathological gambling problem, a drinking problem, and serious misogynistic views about women. I knew Tom for around 10 days in total, and in this short period of time he was verbally abusive, harrassed me with nude images and videos of himself masturbating, made sexist and racist comments, objectified me, drove recklessly with me in his vehicle, and forced me into a dead relative’s home moments after she had passed. He knew she was dying (I didnt) and he chose to invite me to a bar during this time instead of spending it with his dying grandmother. He intentional involved me in this traumatic moment, that I had no business being involved in. He is a terrible person, and not someone that I would trust with a child. The level of disrespect that Tom showed me is beyond anything I have ever seen or was aware of, do your self a favor and avoid this guy. He is insane. He works at Physical Industry Training gym in St Marys and takes extremely creepy photos of himself, nearly nude, with 15 year old female clients.

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