Cheaters Complaint Against Cheaters Kelowna

Tina Baranec — Lake Countries #1 Meddler

Tina Baranec — Lake Countries #1 Meddler

This is 52 yo Tina Baranec. Married twice. Smokes like a chimney. Drinks like a fish. Lies like Pinocchio. Lives on disability at her mothers house. Obsessed with her ex-husband and will stalk any and every woman he has dated since he left her many years ago. If she’s not putting him or everyone else up on this website she’s drunk as a skunk harassing people, trying to get them fired from their jobs, posting anonymously the biggest tales, reporting you to the CRA or doing anything she can to destroy your life because she’s and old, ugly, wrinkled up drunk who’s miserable with nothing else better to do with her life. She acts 12, looks 75 and is a serious psycho. Lake Country should beware. Any potential male victims thinking of getting involved with this crusty old drunk should beware. She’s as scvm as they come! Tina, get a life and move on in your life and leave others alone.

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