Thirsty for sex, I am scum – Brian Minki kwak

I am Korean scum Brian Minki Kwak. I am thirsty for sex. I always target my colleagues and Toying with females emotions, cheat their sex relationships, anyway, I target females in every workplace. Cheat their short term relationships for satisfy my Selfish Want and Loneliness.

I married over 15 years, with my older wife Jung Eun, I lie divorced to cheat around. I live with my wife at 24 Kiwanis dr Wayne NJ. I Work at Aden and anais. I am cheater and cheap scum and asshole. I have STD. I am stupid scum, but I familiar to put in vibe for flirting with multiple women around in workplace still. My penis is very short, but I always thirsty for SEX. Call my wife to tell her, I want to fuck other women, not her. 201-983-2345

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