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Thief, Druggie And Rapist — Eric Morford

Thief Druggie And Rapist — Eric Morford

Please post this!! His name is Eric Morford of Austin, Texas. My gf and I met him at a bar about a week ago. He is kind of cute so we agreed to go back with him to his apartment. Long story short, he roofied both of our drinks, stole every dollar we had in our bags and basically raped my best friend. She ended up with a STD. He’s a disgusting low life thug. Please post ASAP I’m sure there’s many girls he’s done this to and there will be more. He’s a trash. He told us he goes between Austin and San Diego so Im sure he also has victims in San Diego. He also claims to own a business called “buy natural Meds.” But Im pretty sure he’s just a drug dealer.

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