They should be ashamed

This guy cheated on his ex with her enemy. The girlfriend was with him for six years. This girl sleeps around and at 26 has had 5 kids and every single one taken away. The ex girlfriend and him lived together. The girl Kasie had a newborn and nowhere to go. So the ex opened her house up to them both and bought all the babies formula and diapers and clothes and did the same for Kasie. While Kasie was out doing this guy and that guy the ex took care of the baby. Until Kasie’s brother called on her and they took the baby away. The ex tried to be a foster but Kasie lied and told them she was her drug dealer so she could never see the baby again. Come to find out the boyfriend Gage slept with Kasie then and that was 4 years. The ex never knew until 4 years later and Gage ghosted and the ex finds out he and Kasie have been cheating behind her back for months. That’s evil!

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