Cheaters Complaint Against Cheaters Detroit

The Undercard Bradley Snyder And Rochelle Gilbert — Ring Girl Scam/Tight $Niffing Bosses

The Undercard “Detroit’s leading Ring Girl company” as well as a podcast show known to talk about all things hand combat. A lie, a scam, deceit and then more lies is what they will eventually offer you. Working with them is a gamble… am I going to receive my paycheck?! We will never know! Bradley Snyder and Rochelle Gilbert are the CEO’s of this company. Bradly states things “between us” so he really believes you think you have a special personal relationship with him. He tells you that because of a law he is under he cannot physically handle any of the money from the bank. Very interesting that he cannot pay us girls but can pay for everything else in his life! I’m currently owed about $600, I understand it’s pretty much a loss at this point. Not just me but 10+ girls are owed some form of payment. The Undercard will give you any and every excuse in the book. They will have you work a few events and pay is always screwy, you will get paid until… one day. Then they just keep hiring more stupid girls that think they are special and will get paid and they do until… one day… and the cycle repeats! If that was only the end of the story. We are told at every event to give our sponsored Diva Hoisery pantyhose back in a plastic zip lock with our name on it. Then we are asked to sign all kinds of printed pics of us. I’ve never seen anything done with our autographs or the pantyhose. I’m placing my bets on some kind of sick online used pantyhose deal. I know Brad has other clients as well… some that don’t want to be mentioned that ask for fetish videos or photographs so I’ve heard on the street. 😉 Too bad your giving yourselves such a bad name after all the hard work you put into your company. What a damn shame.

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