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The Stupidest Homewrecking Stalker- Lori Beth Swords

The Stupidest Homewrecking Stalker- Lori Beth Swords

The Stupidest Homewrecking Stalker- Lori Beth Swords. This little b1tch here has to be the biggest nuissance one could ever have to deal with. She just doesnt get a hint. Having met my boyfriend 8 years ago, she has been a full blown stalker the entire time. He and i have been together the last three years and i swear, she just doesnt take a hint. She has made multiple facebook profiles or messages him from other peoples in an attempt to tell hi how much she loves him. he shuts her down everytime, blocks her or ignores her and it deters her not. She knows he has a girlfriend, ive even taken the time to reach out to her and tell her to get lost. But this sl00t puppy doesnt get it. She thinks that she has a “special connection” with him. That they will “be together” forever and she seemingly doesnt think that im even an obstacle. shes fuking retarded. She’ll do just abut anything for him too. she is absolutely and totally obsessed with him and frankly, the little meth monkey needs to stay in her lane. Apparantly she has a long history of this type of behavior as i see shes already been posted on this site. so just to reenforce the warning- shes sneaky and loves to be the sidebitch. apparantly she thinks shes important. smdh.

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