New Jersey

The Lying, Cheating, Legsplitting Floozy (aka Black Widow) of Tom’s River

We can begin by telling the universe that this sloot has no problem lying straight your face. She’s as easy as cherry pie but she’ll tell you otherwise, although her count is well into the 70s or 80s. I didn’t even have to try, I just showed up at a little get together after she was sending my boy half naked pics of herself at 3 in the morning, while her bf was locked up. Went there that night and she had me come over the next night an knock her bottom out. So easy, but she’ll insist she’s no Hoe. Even though she got knocked up by a 19 yr old when she was in her 30’s and living with her kids and their father who was her bf at the time. In another scenario, she had a 3some w her friend an her bf. The she started hooking up w him secretly behind her friends back and once again got knocked up. Quite the lady we have her don’t we. She dates this loser who looks like a gargoyle and has stolen from her and her family and has been arrested multiple times for beating her; yet she always goes back to his ugly ass. He also drugged her and video taped himself molesting her that she won’t do anything about. Yea a real winner we have on our hands here don’t we. Yet she’ll be the first to tell you what’s wrong with you while simply unable to admit fault for anything. She’ll constantly make up an excuse or reason for everything fukd up she does. Also has a bad pill and D habit so she’s a real winner. Her lies are as big as the difference of what she truly looks like IRL vs all her filtered pics she takes of her self. Oh yea and she’ll sit there for hours looking at the hundreds of pics she has taken of herself. She def the fluzy of Tom’s River and everyone knows just how easy she is to get in the sack. Did I mention she’s never once had sex with a condom, not a single time w anybody…ever.

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