Cheaters Complaint Against Cheaters Mississippi

Tascha Dienhart Gordon – Meridian, Mississippi

Tascha Dienhart Gordon – Meridian, Mississippi

Tascha Dienhart Gordon 38 year old female married for 17 years from MERIDIAN MS has had approximately 12-20 Explicit affairs, from married men, to her bosses husband at work right under bosses nose, to random meth heads, homeless drug addicts, and even her husband of 17 years best friend. She’s stopped as low as having oral and a**l s*x with her husband’s friend, a struggling musician, initials D.Z. (Hint, looks like poor man’s Cris Robinson from Black Crows who couldn’t have found a women maybe rest of life). Oh but Tascha Gordon’s always willing. This happened in Tascha and husband’s house all while husband walked in in middle of whole thing in their own house while husband was in other room only to walk in and see it with his own eyes. She shows no remorse and thinks she’s entitled requiring no explanation. She has screwed the random filthy disgusting married body shop man every day before work in past who is a dirty looking rat by name of Tony Backus whose a misfit from the filthy part of the state of LA. and TASCHA GORDON lied to husband for 8 months about it until he caught them on camera in act. She has drug in her precious young daughter with her while participating in this activity and has ZERO CONSCIOUS. The husband has all but fallen to pieces but she could care less. The husband, whose somehow remained totally faithful and does EVERYTHING FOR her has lived through this horror. Tascha Dienhart Gordon recently was having affair with husband’s so called best friend because she’s learned to be master manipulator. She has also had s*x with 18 year old teenagers who were friends of her sons who were spending the night. And had s*x with 21 year old kids and has no limits. She also was shooting meth with Kyle Brogan, whose the biggest loser in Meridian MS and having sexual affair with him and a homeless addict all within a months time frame. She works at Aarons in Meridian MS currently PT as of 10/18/19, but looks to be changing jobs to Car Mart where every man working there will get their shot at her. Just take it from someone who knows, Men, stay away from that disease infested v** she has. Hep C and HIV are just two known things she carries. Wives remember this name. SHE WILL HAVE S*X WITH YOUR HUSBAND , SON, FATHER, BROTHER, AND WHOVER ELSE HAS A P. CHECK INTO THIS WOMAN IN THE MRIDIAN AREA. SHE HAS DESTROYED DOZENS IF NOT HUNDREDS OF LIVES AND SHE COULD CARE LESS AND IS UNGRATEFUL S** WITH ZERO MORALS OR CONCISION

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