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Tara Pham Nasty Slore, Beware!

Tara Pham Nasty Slore- Beware!

Tara Pham Nasty Slore, Beware! This girl has serious issues. I’m not saying that lightly like a history of mental health problems (no judgement towards that) and so does her ex bf. Long story short my fiance and I went out of our way to get them an apartment in our building and when we realized they were mooching more than usual we stopped hanging out with them. They broke up and had to blame someone so I guess during a fight to spite her he told her we had sex. Which is absolutely insane because im in love with my fiancé and he’s disgusting. They both are. We all sat on the floor in a circle playing Jenga and my fiancé and I both noticed her foul odor from between her crossed legs… like actually gross im not being dramatic. She also got drunk at our place once and tried to touch my cats butthole (no joke) multiple times saying it was “cute” and only stopped after I angrily asked her to stop after multiple times of asking beforehand. To be fair this is the same girl who asked me if it was normal to have a wound in their vagina and when to go see a doctor because there’s white pu55 discharge now and it’s been 3 weeks since the initial tear. Like girl… fuking gross. Anyway fast forward to now, she’s basically harassing me and my fiance. She told me she wanted to fuk him and suck his d1ck and when I told her to fuk off she sends him a message of her nasty t1ts out on Instagram! Hahah so weird. Yet I’m gross for apparently sleeping with her ex boyfriend who has no proof. But shes messaging my fiance saying she wants to fuk. Hahah. Anyways Edmonton fellas, the crazy isn’t worth the pu55y with this one. Stay away.

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