Cheaters Complaint Against Cheaters Montreal

Tanya Mirijello — @Tanyamirijello,FB: Tanya Charlie Mirijello

Tanya Mirijello — @Tanyamirijello,FB: Tanya Charlie Mirijello

This is a public service announcement. She have zero loyalty and always talk sh1t about her supposed best friend.Tanya sleeps around with,younger boys and black boyz and currently may have drds. Always complaining about what she don’t get. She will use you, will take wtv she can from you, will drain you mentally, emotionally and financially. She will sh1t on everyone and everything and then be like oups I am sorry and repeat. She pretends to want to have kids meanwhile she will drink and party she fuk you cheats on her BF then say I don’t remember it never happened. She setup my friend and stole from him ! She is an attention seeking ugly fat slore who will litteraly fuk anything for attention. Pure black hole.

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