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This girl obsesses over pretty girls all day and talks **** none stop she’s a pathological liar. She lies about people she knows, places she’s been, buisnesses she has, and FIGHTS SHES BEEN IN. She’ll tell you to come fight and you’ll see cameras outside her home then tell her mom and dad to call the cops. And will say something liek “oh well you came” BECAUSE YOU TOLD ME TO *****. STAY away from this girl she will get you in trouble and turn tables on you. She has no friends cause she **** talks them all. Now shes stuck with criminal record and bucket friends. this girl is A HUGE DRUG ADDICT HUGGEEEEE. THE PIC U SEE ABOVE IS A LIVE PORNO OF HER N THE OPP LMAO…. She tries to make friends from time break up and only be her friend. Cause she’s a needy *****. The girl jumps from crew to crew opps to oops and claims she’s a real one. THE ONLY THING YOU ARE IS A CREW HOPPER. HOW MANY TRAP HOUSES DID ALL THE WEST,SOUTH,EAST SIDE MANS SMASH YOU IN WITH ALL THEY HOMEBOYS. JUST WONDERING

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