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Tacha Buttery Relentless Homewrecker

Tacha Buttery Relentless Homewrecker

Tacha Buttery Relentless Homewrecker. Before I met my husband. He was married to another woman. Tacha wedged herself in the middle of that marriage and started an affair with my *now* husband. Him and his ex wife got a divorce. Fast forward years him and I get together. He confessed his past with cheating. Me being who I am, I give people a fair chance. I went home (to my parents for Christmas) while I was there my grandfather died so I stayed for a few weeks to be with family. While I was there, Tacha, wormed her way into my husbands life. And he started having an affair with her while I was gone. I found out when I got back from my parents. I moved back to my parents for a few weeks until my husband and I decided we wanted to work on our marriage. Well apparently Tacha isn’t used to wives who stand up for their marriages. To this day she likes to pop in and act like my husband is still reaching out to her, which is a lie, I have ways to track that sh1t.

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