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SWFL School teacher Nicholas collins shouldn’t be educating your children

The man in the pictures above(Nicholas collins, 39), is a racist, degrading, manipulative narcissist.

Not only that, but he makes degrading remarks towards his middle school students at Immokalee middle school in swfl.

Including racial slurs, debasing, insensitive remarks regarding the students who come from a low income/troublesome environments.

He would ramble about how all of his students are fuck ups, how they are dumb, stupid, mock the way his ESOL students speak for speaking english as a second language.

“Rubio is my worst student, he has so many issues and Im not gonna lie I went a little to far with mocking him. But he is a fuck up. His mom did drugs and got killed in a driveby, whatever shit happens to everyone.”
-Nicholas Collins

“I like to live Nigg** rich. Racism is only okay when its funny.”

He has also made comments wanting to have sexual relations with students; even though he claims that he didn’t execute.

Do you really want this man educating and being an influence on your children or adults in the collier county school system?

Children deserve better than this.

I prefer to remain anonymous for my own safety. He should not be working in the school system. Children need compassion, support and discipline. Not hate.

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