Stewart Scott: Philandering Rotten Immoral Character Kind or P.R.I.C.K.

Stewart Scott is the Philandering Rotten Immoral Character Kind or P.R.I.C.K. for short! This is (with some opinion and brief commentary) a factual autobiographical account of how Stewart Scott helped wreck my home, and my own interactions with this arrogant self-serving little P.R.I.C.K.
He is a pursuer and a screwer! During the time when he was serving on the Warner Robins Fire Dept. and was the owner operator of Stewart’s Formalwear in Warner Robins, Stewart pursued and screwed my wife! HE WAS FULLY AWARE THAT SHE WAS MARRIED with three children. The SEX was UNPROTECTED, putting my health at risk!
My wife was his customer service rep at a tuxedo manufacturing plant in Athens Ga. That’s how they met. Athens is over two hours from Warner Robins; so, they didn’t see each other regularly, most contact was on the phone. We were struggling in our marriage, and she would tell too many people about our problems, including male customers of hers. Stewart, BEING A MAN OF LOW MORAL CHARACTER, saw an opportunity that he could exploit! (I later learned of the adultery, confronted her, and she confessed. SHE IS THE SOURCE for these details between herself and the P.R.I.C.K. Stewart.)
One day while visiting the factory, Stewart gave her a business card with his personal number and a message that said, according to her, “If you want to talk call me.” She called him! At some point, he invited her to his house, and she made the long drive to Warner Robins.
There are two SMALL consolations I want to share regarding her involvement with Stewart Scott. Here’s the first one: She said after some back rubbing, he got her into the bedroom, but he wanted to have sex with her on top of him and she complied. (Hey Stewart! Surprised that I know private details like in which positions you screwed my wife? Guess what? I know more!) She said it was over quite quickly and disappointing; and that while she was up on top, trying to do the girl part with STEWART BENEATH, that SOME OF THE TIME SHE COULDN’T TELL IF HE WAS ACTUALLY PENETRATING HER!!! while he was ATTEMPTING to do the boy part. It wasn’t for the lack of trying; it was for the lack of something else! And I get the joy of sharing that “SMALL” consolation with all of you! Sadly, though Stewart WAS THE FIRST that she cheated with, he was not the only adventure in home wrecking to which she confessed; but Stewart is the only P.R.I.C.K, of whom she remarked about how especially undersized he was down there! One might say that “little Stewart” may have something, somewhat in common, with Stuart Little! Bwaaaaahaaaahaaaa!!! Hey Stewart! You should NOT have screwed my wife! If you had been honorable, she wouldn’t have these experiences and diminutive details to tell regarding your performance during your adulterous relationship! And that wasn’t her only disappointment that evening either. She thought she was going there for some romance, but she said that HE NEVER EVEN KISSED HER; he just screwed her…THE END…and went to sleep! Wham bam WITHOUT much THANK YOU MA’AM!
The other small consolation is this: The next and final time he screwed my wife was when he picked her up at the mfg. plant to take her to the company Christmas party! She got all prettied up and he checked them in to the old Athens Marriot. They only used it long enough to do the deed and get dressed back up for the party (like a hooker motel) and checked out. She told him that she was upset about him not even kissing her that first time. So, this time he kissed her. But the insult that followed was worse than the first. You see, while at the party, Stewart got a call. Then all he told her, before he left her, was that he had to return to Warner Robins to help someone; and then, he just left her there at the party!! HE SCREWED HER AND THEN LEFT HER at the party! He DIDN’T EVEN TAKE HER BACK TO GET HER CAR! She had to get a coworker to take her to it! What a guy! He treated her like you would a condom, (a cum catcher that’s disposed of after use), but it served her right!
Well, after learning of the adultery, I called him in the middle of the night and woke his sorry ass out of a dead sleep. When he finally came around enough to ask, “Who is this?” I said, “This is the guy who you’ve been phu¢kin’ his wife!” He said, “I’m sorry I’m sorry!” I told him, “You’re damn right; you’re sorry! But you’re not sorry about a damn thing other than you’ve been caught!” Then this “sorry” asshole said this! “I’M NOT A RELIGIOUS MAN; but I PRAY Y’ALL WORK THINGS OUT.” This human sack of shit that was screwing my wife ACTUALLY SAID THAT TO ME! This, coupled with the “I’m sorry” confession PROVED to me that HE KNEW FULL WELL THAT SHE WAS MARRIED AND THAT WE WERE HAVING DIFFICULTIES at my house, and was taking full advantage of the situation for personal sexual gratification with no real concern for anyone but his own trashy ass. He gets caught for screwing another men’s wife and is so full of himself to think that his “not religious man” prayer mean’s squat! What a POS! You put the “U R” in TURD Stewart!
I called him a couple of more times. I WAS PISSED! I wanted to know how he was going to get my wife unscrewed among other things. He wanted to know my name and I said, “You can call me Mr. (my last name). Then the P.R.I.C.K. said, “I’M NOT CALLING YOU THAT”! What a dick! He completely disrespects me by knowingly screwing my wife and then won’t call me Mr.…? See, I told you that he was a P.R.I.C.K.; a Philandering Rotten Immoral Character Kind! He was lying when he said that he was sorry, when being confronted by an angry husband that first call! (You should have shown me more respect than that, Stewart.) He finally said, in this little pissy tone, “My lawyer says you better quit harassing me!” I’ll tell you this; what Stewart Scott did and the way he disrespected me, has harassed me every day since and I’ve been silent for too long! Hey Stewart, MY lawyer says, if the story is true, it just sucks to be YOU! I also know a firsthand EYEWITNESS who says she’ll testify to this stuff in court! So, I decided that a TRUTHFUL autobiographical exposé about the LOW CHARACTER DEMONSTRATED by this low life was in order and LONG OVERDUE.
Stewart Scott is an arrogant adulterer and homewrecker; he has caused much pain and harm to my life and my family. He has demonstrated unrepentance and disrespect directly to the husband of the wife with whom he knowingly committed adultery, and it would do my heart good to learn that he contracted cancer of the penis or testicles; though from what she told me, that would only affect a very small area; so I would hope to learn that he had contracted something much more invasive, far spreading, and long suffering.
BTW Stewart is the only connection I have to Warner Robins and one that I wish I did not have. If it weren’t for his relationship with my wife, I wouldn’t know him at all and have no reason to write such an exposé. You should NOT have screwed my wife Stewart and you should NOT have shown such disrespect to me. You are not an honorable man Stewart Scott. You are a P.R.I.C.K.

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