Steven LaRock

Don’t forget about the chief communist over at the New York State Department of Financial Services Steve LaRock who should also be under investigation for public corruption, bribery, and too many mutually beneficial links with dirty bad insurance companies who refuse to provide coverage to their fully paid insureds.

This son of a bitch seems to take pleasure in screwing over complainants, often emailing mass case denials in a few hours after delaying/sabotaging/sitting on cases for months, if not years, until well past the useful point of having insurance coverage in the first place.

Like his lazy corrupt colleagues, he also doesn’t do any work, doesn’t read the policy language at all, and doesn’t perform any meaningful analysis, simply repeats ad verbatim the bullshit circular reasoning and weasel words of shady insurance lawyers like Copernicus Gaza of General Security National Insurance Company, or Nicholas Mathieu of SCOR Insurance, or Joan Tonn of Travelers Insurance Company.

A quick review of the membership rolls of the Communist Party of New York City would probably reveal his dirty corrupt name.

Hopefully he will be investigated and arrested in short order for public corruption, cronyism, bribery and other crimes.

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