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Stephanie Stapp Married “Hates To Lie” Homewrecker!

Stephanie Stapp Married “Hates To Lie” Homewrecker!

Stephanie Stapp Married “Hates To Lie” Homewrecker! This woman is MARRIED with children of her own yet still thinks she has the right to destroy other families. She claims she hates lies and always tells the truth but repeatedly lied about her relationship with a married coworker to his wife. She had an affair with a married man whose wife was pregnant the entire time. She repeatedly told the wife nothing was going on between her and the husband. She blocked the wife from social media because she was a coward and then when everything came out claimed how she had wanted to tell the truth but the the husband “wouldn’t let her” . Said she did it just because she wanted to. She said she never wanted to leave her own husband. Yet here she was meeting up with a coworker to make out and fuck in her disgusting over compensating truck. Her entire attitude was that it wasn’t really her fault anyway. She’s a trash person who ruined an entire family then went on her marry little way back to her husband and family leaving another family in ruins. She’s a homewrecker with no remorse for what he actions have done to another family.

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