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Stephanie Rivers

Stephanie Rivers

Stephanie Rivers.Stephanie Rivers is a 35 year old married whore with 3 children and a husband. Yet loves traveling outside of her marriage for as much strange dick as she can swallow! She’s a home wrecker and won’t think twice about fucking your spouse/bf if she works with them and get get them in bed, car, park! She’s really big on parks around Marion and has cheated multiple times on her husband! If your guy is talking to this tramp, they are probably fucking her loose pussy!
I mean just look at that face! If that doesn’t just scream I’m a whore gonna fuck your dude I don’t know what does!

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Mike January 30, 2021 at 1:53 am

How would you know any of this ? Had she fucked your ol man ? Because if so , than hes not innocent!!! How would you know if she’s into banging guys at parks ? I hate to tell ya , but theres no way in hell you would know any of that unless you’re going off what someone else is telling you or you’ve seen that with your own eyes !!! Or maybe your some guy she wouldn’t let hit it . Either way , you sound pretty damn salty ?‍♂️ .


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