STD – venereal disease Scumbag- Brian Minki Kwak

☝️☝️ This scum – Brian Kwak – Scumbag of this century !!
Fucking Korean scum and Betrayer ! Cheater and liar. Shameless Womanizer. He got STD !! Message to his Korean wive – by 201-983-2345 about his cheating husband Real Face !! He said divorced, he claims his wive infertility.

This scum lie divorced for cheat women relationship and sex around. He estranged these women after fuck.
he lives with his wive together in 24 Kiwanis dr Wayne NJ and he continue to cheat. This scum is a scumbag. He target colleagues so far.

Well, this scum married long time ago and pretend single , Lie divorced and cheat multiple women in different workplace, so far.

This Fucker lie and cheat around love / sex relationship ! Dirty and shameless liar ! topical Korean liar and son of the bitch.

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