STD scumbag- Skilled Liar – PUA – Minki kwak

This Korean man name Minki Kwak is scumbag and craving for sex.Cheat many women emotions, physically and sex in workplace or anywhere. Also short term relationships for satisfy his Selfish Want and Loneliness. He married but lie divorced. In fact, he lives with her in a aged house in Kiwanis Wayne NJ.

This Fucker is 40s, but never man up as a man. Very childish. Often tell lies to cover his another’s lie. Never take responsibility for what he said to other. He used women love feeling or emotions towards him for benefits. He shine his boss shoes but no ability.

This stupid man familiar to put in vibe for flirting with multiple women. He use his wive for US share payment. Off course he do not love her. he flirts and sleep with other women and his wive in a Dream. This liar man is Animal fauchet and craving for sex. Cheating for women emotions and relationships for satisfy his Selfish Want. This fucker is Scumbag.

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