STD scumbag cheater- mental disorder fucker – Brian Minki Kwak

This scum is a cheater , Liar. He married over 15 years, but still target females in his workplace, Lies divorced , pretends single for cheating love relationships for sex so far. This scum lives with his wife together in Kiwanis Wayne NJ. He is sex addicting, schizophrenia. Saying different stories time by time to colleagues or friends for cheating. This Fucker brought a house with his Wife. He call her Ex- wife in front of colleagues??? He even lie to his friend that he lives with his girlfriend ? This scum did everything to a female that he has an ax to grind. All for his fucking selfish benefits. He is stupid scumbag.
He is definitely cheating Jerk. This scum works at Aden and anais, he is definitely dregs of the state.

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