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STD / HIVs Korean SEX cheater – Brian Minki Kwak

This Korean scum Minki Kwak craving for sex.Cheat many women emotions, physically and sex in workplace or anywhere. Also short term relationships for satisfy his Selfish Want and Loneliness. He married but lie divorced. He mainly target to his colleagues in same company so far.
This scum married over 15 years and lives with his older Korean wive at 24 Kiwanis dr Wayne NJ. This scum got STD and HIVs since he fuck with too many women and one night stand always.

He never take responsibility for what he said to other. This scum is betrayer to his wive

This stupid scum familiar to put in vibe for flirting women in his workplace and sex with relationships. This liar is Animal fauchet and craving for sex. This fucker is Scumbag. His Korean stupid wive still using by this scum. U can tell his wive by 201-983-2345

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