Stacy Wheeler Liberal Nazified Communist

Stacy Davis Wheeler, of Centralia, IL (Facebook account:, is the most virulent and pompously opinionated woman. She bashes pro-lifers, Jews, Christians, the elderly, the disabled and actively supports Neo-Nazism, BDS, Communist China, telling people to murder the unborn. As of last Friday (6/24/2022), when Roe was overturned, a friend of mine (from Alton, and yes, for our safety, we need to remain anonymous), who used to be lifelong friends with her hubby, Andy, told me that he found evidence that Stacy has cheated on about 15 men since high school. She smokes pot, not only in front of her children, but blows smoke in their faces…About 96% of her posts since June 24, have been reprobated and Nazified hatred for Christians, women, and the unborn alike. She needs to be stopped. Oh, and look at how sad she is that her rights to murder the babies in the wombs have been taken away in the photo (oh boo hoo, lol).

Thank you for letting me rant! Bye.

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