Spreading laughter

I need everyone’s attention! If you enjoy a good laugh, look now further! This is SHAWN GENDREAU, or better yet, Shawn GendrEWWW! A fucking faggot. First, let’s point out how he so badly wants to be a sissy Slut but is impressively terrible at it. Look at that tacky attire, the makeup application that looks like a child did it! He can’t even arch his back like a good whore does to take a real man’s dick! The lack of tits, the lose asshole, how does one even orgasm to this appearance of his.. 🤦‍♀️
He should honestly lose the right to stroke his cock, and instead be able to rub the tip to orgasm since it’s more like a clit! A pathetic excuse for a man, and a “sissy”.. simply not worth a damn! Women, men, animals.. AVOID this creature!

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