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Sonya Huelsman Woods — Sonya The Toothless Slore

Sonya Huelsman Woods — Sonya The Toothless Slore

let me tell you about this toothless slore Sonya Huelsman Woods. Shes pushing 50, tells everyone that they are jealous haters. She will say shes so beautiful, that she’s a hot model. She has been harassing me for decades, stalking my social media constantly, trying to call me fat and ugly, has she looked in the mirror. She makes fun of people who have an illness that require a service animal, she posted a video on IG, bragging about her puppy, and posted that she thinks no one can insure their dog because they are supposedly poor lol. She also enjoys making fake accounts of people, using their photos, she took my daughters (a toddler) photos and made accounts of her. She follows IG accounts of young girls modeling online, if that isn’t creepy, I dont know what is. She will also make false accusations against you.

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1 comment

Pierro April 17, 2021 at 11:44 am

Golly, Sonya must be posting photos of Claudia Muller’s love-child again. It is pretty apparent that Claudia aka “Clud”, really enjoys being mistreated and having her child the subject of internet based harassment. How else could this go on for so long?
Seriously, how long has this been going on? Weren’t you still a teen, when you first heard Sonya say “rofl rofl rofl, owned and burnt” or “jealous hater”?
This is on you kiddo – you caused this problem, and now this hagfish is posting photos of your child. What are you going to do?

You should probably just send her nudes to her church and call it a day.


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