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Slore Ashley Slifco Strikes Again

Slore Ashley Slifco Strikes Again

Everyone meet Ashley Slifco. She’s well known in Detroit and Belleville Michigan for C**k hopping from guy to guy. The bigger the boat the better! She’s a nasty person who threatened to slash a “friend’s” tires so they couldn’t make it to their chemotherapy appointment. With friends like this who needs enemies? She actually had a good guy and screwed him over for a guy who’s limo company almost killed the Red wing players back in 1997. Ashley’s resume includes stripping at many local clubs in the area and getting blacked out drunk and popping pills. She blames everyone else for her problems and has hot tub parties with junkies at her new boyfriends house. When she’s not banging her boyfriend that’s pushing 60 you can find her at various other guys houses in the Area. She’s currently on a mission to get implants and a nose job so will he be the lucky sponsor?? It doesn’t stop there. She’s even got her friends watching her ex’s house and trying to find out where his assistant lives and sending them threatening messages. She is all about the next party and loves party favors. Got a big boat and deep pockets hit her up. She doesn’t know the word NO lol

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