New York

Sherrill Spatz

One of the last remnants of Jewish Organized Crime in the New York City court system is Sherrill Spatz, supposedly the “Inspector General” of the Unified Court System (aka “Office of Court Administration”) located at 25 Beaver Street, New York NY 10004, who has been sitting in that chair for what, 30 years (term limits, anyone).

This woman is so corrupt, so much on the take, that she is single handedly responsible for the vast majority of Manhattan and the rest of the 5 boroughs multi-million dollar judgments in the New York City Civil and Supreme Courts because she controls all of the law clerks and administrative staff who are actually the unregulated people who actually run the court system (write and daft judicial orders, decisions, lose case files, dismiss cases prematurely, delete public records, tamper with public records, and all of the other criminal micro-aggressions which tend to turn the court system against disfavored, targeted lawyers and litigants, and into the favor of those lawyers/litigants who are favored – usually Jews win over non-Jews).

Since the equally corrupt New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct run by Armenian Jew Robert Tembeckjian only regulates judges, who are basically untouchable, Sherrill Spatz and her thousands of legion court workers are the true Jewish power in New York City, and this woman is corrupt as hell.

She is only second in power to the other big Jewish mafia queen, Catherine O’Hagan Wolfe, who sits atop the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, but believe me, they are not only friends, but probably lesbian lovers as well, playing old lady pussy scissors for their Jewish billionaire oligarch New York City mafia paymasters.

You have been warned.

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