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Shelby Morris — Heart Break Story

Shelby Morris — Heart Break Story

This b1tch is so fuked in the head when ever she goes out to date people she fuks up as always she would date you for a week so this b1tch likes to talk pure sh1t behind ur back after she breaks up with u and lie and say hi I’m sorry we’re gonna break up and I won’t have time for a relationship at all and then she goes and date another guy even those people we’re good enough for them and now some of them she broke up with made them look for girlfriend and heart broken And she likes to steal and hang out with mentality stable people her age born 3 month early and she likes to date her friends ex boyfriends after breaking up with them and breaks their heart even more because cayuga Dunnville hagersville and all over Hamilton is hard to find a girl that is better than this crazy girl and all the boys in cayuga Dunnville and Hamilton if you go out with this hefty load girl Shelby Morris she is good girl for you to date just to break ur heart after dating for a week and she will use you for sex and sh1t

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