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Shayna Rosalene Bisson — Absolute Ship Wreck Aka Walking Mutt

Shayna Rosalene Bisson — Absolute Ship Wreck Aka Walking Mutt

 Oh Shayna where do I start. You’re a nasty home wrecking slore. I’ve heard you’ve been around the block a couple times. I feel bad for the guy you’re with. I just hope you don’t go around sleeping with other guys behind his back too. I mean just like you did with Anthony Dirks. I heard your to broke to get a real phone and constantly steal people’s wifi cause you use a stolen iPad (Broke ass) … maybe you should get an actual job instead of sugar daddies/escourting? I still question how you manage to pull men with the witch face that you have. I was also informed that you’ve had multiple drd on a few ocassions. Oh girl when will you learn that opening your legs for puppies and nice things isn’t going to work out in the long run. What’s it like being a cradle robber sweetie? All you ladies keep your man on a leash, because taken men is her type. Isn’t that right, shayna? Hope everyone soon realizes how big of a disgusting snake you are.. stuck in Saskatoon because she was ran out of Prince Albert AND Kelowna BC… this girl is methed up, I mean take a look at her pictures it’ll explain it all..

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