Cheaters Complaint Against Cheaters Penticton

Shayla Domes — Penticton’s Finest Skank

Shayla Domes — Penticton’s Finest Skank

 This methhead is a dirty, sneaky, two faced, slore. She will sleep with any chicks man then try to say that she is solid. She has 3 boys who live in penticton but never goes to see them. She thinks she is a big time drug dealer who is homeless. She has slept with her friends men and doesn’t have any morals. Hang onto your men if she comes around ladies.. All you have to do is give her a few drinks and some drugs and her legs are open for business. She has no problem sleeping with nasty gross guys as long as she’s drunk. She looks like a man without makeup on so good luck pple.

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L November 20, 2020 at 2:47 am

I hope whoever posted this gets a life! Clearly, you never left kindergarten if this is all you learned. One day, when you GROW UP, you’ll understand that if you man cheated, it’s because he’s a CHEATER!!! I’m sure nobody forces him to cheat on you all the time, so it must mean you’re not keeping him happy at home. Stop causing shit or you might get it back 3fold….. jus saying. Good luck in life, your malice tells me you’re gonna need it!!


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