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Shawn Borges And Gina Melo — Fetty Head Deadbeats

Shawn Borges And Gina Melo — Fetty Head Deadbeats

Shawn Borges and Gina Melo are two of Leamingtons finest fet/meth heads. They go around ripping people off and are bed bug motel hopping lowlifes. Shawn got Gina hooked on dope and now Gina lost custody of her kids cuz of him. Shawn owes so many people money and gets his a55 beat all the time for that reason. These two are a match made in junkie heaven. Don’t let them into your house cuz they’ll steal your sh1t to feed their habit. Y’all are disgusting, pathetic excuse of human beings. Karma will come full circle for you douche canoes.

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