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Shavanna Jalbert — Cheating Scvmmy Pepsi Head Sloot

Shavanna Jalbert — Cheating Scvmmy Pepsi Head Sloot

Goes by Shavanna Meeka too. Beware! This sloot will chase after any guy or chick, taken or not for validation. She seriously has to have something wrong with her. She can’t keep a guy to save her life, even if he provides because she can’t stop cheating and then she cries wolf all over so social media to make herself look good. Shes partied her way through her half of her first kids childhood while her family had to raise him, while cheating on that baby daddy and then proceeded to have another kid with some gullible guy and she kept the second one and ALSO cheated on that baby daddy. She’ll moan about not having any money, yet can always afford smokes and weed. Hmmm? Apparently you can buy her nudes now too, what’s next? Selling yourself to anyone while claiming to be a good role model for your kids? Shes an easy hole to fall into. Someone needs to scoop up the second kid so she can get the help she needs before she ruins them.

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