Shameless Cheater, liar, target colleagues to cheat love and sex relationships- Brian Minki kwak

This Korean scum Brian Minki Kwak is thirsty for sex. Always lie divorced and pretends single Toying with many females emotions, cheat their sex relationships, always target females in every workplace. Cheat their short term relationships for satisfy his Selfish Want and his Loneliness. In fact, He married when he was 20s mid age with his older wife for getting his fucking US citizenship, he pretends single till his 40s, lie divorced to cheat females around. This scum lives with her older wife Jung Eun in 24 Kiwanis dr Wayne NJ currently, Work at Aden and anais. He is Porn addicting, thirsty and STD. This stupid scum familiar to put in vibe for flirting with multiple women around workplace. Thirsty always.

This asshole, fabricate different stories to run away just after he cheats women sex relationships. He back to his wife to pretend as good husband. He cheat on his wife.

This scum is Asshole, PUA. His obscene Face definitely reflects his pruriency behavior. His short Penis no make you feel good, he Is useless dregs in society. He is only idiot cheater, scum

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