Shameless cheater liar- STD – HIVs – infertility scum – Minki kwak

He is a scum and pretend good husband in front of Wive and living together in the same house in 24 Kiwanis dr Wayne NJ currently. He betrayed his Wive – Jung Eun from the day of Marriage. He said divorced and pretend single . He SEX with multiple women in workplace and cheat on love emotions and relationships. He dump up the women after sex and back to his wive continue pretend good husband.

This scumbag is Shameless flattering who can give him benefits, but he betray them immediately when he cannot use anymore. He familiar to tell lies, but he do nothing finally. He always ask girl to be his girlfriend and He impudently pretend nothing happens in the next day if he got nothing – SEX

This Jerk is a Fuck Dirty Bastard. Looking forward he Fall to his fucking Hell soon. Shameless Jerk. Liar . Cheater. – Korean Scumbag Brian Minki kwak

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