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Sasha Chambers, Emma Chambers — Chambers Sisters From Lambrick Park

Sasha Chambers Emma Chambers — Chambers Sisters From Lambrick Park

Nik, I am honestly so sick of these two slores posting their hoe life pretending to be something they are not. I went to school with these hoes,,, at Lambrick Park on the island. These two slores were always causing problems, especially sasha who accused different guys of rape just to get attention. Their whole family were Jehovahs Witnesses and sasha used to brag that she was still a virgin in hs. Now she travels all over posting pics from Auz, HK, Paris, Monaco whr she travels to suck guys off for money t pay fo more face injections haha. What do these girls do for work? How can they share a condo in downtown Vancouver with no real jobs? Both their faces look like donkey a55. Emmas teeth r so big its like talking to a horse. Sasha was actrually cute in lb even though she was a backstabbing dirty sloot but now bish look like she 35!! Emma claims to be a talent scout and fashion blogger haha. The only talent she scouting be at the Swedish touch in downtown Vancouver where she been spreading her stank legs apart. She followed in her sisters footsteps once she saw trhe money she could make sucking dirty old mens d . She used to be a club girl but I guess its better $$$ sucking old gregs hahaha. She is getting her face done with injcetions too just like sasha. Sasha came home few weks ago and she was bragging about having all this money and maybe moving home even tho no one here likes her. One of our good friends told em so much nasty shite abt this hoe bag. This girl used to be such a b&^%# in lp and oh look now shes done so much wit her life. 22 year old prosty who got her sister in to floozy. They even lured another friend of ours from LP ,,,Lauren Harrison,,,who is actually a nice girl but now shes floozying in van with them. Sasha was bragging when she was back that Lauren was filling in for her at her floozy “job “when shes sucking old greg in Oz. Like really bish? U dragged your own sister and lauren into this hoe life? Who next? Maddie? You and your sister managed to suck nuff old gregs to buy some new faces but now everyone including your brother and parents will see what you are up to. I cant believe they are so naïve. Sasha has never had a real job. Her only skill is bending her fat lumpy a55 over for old gregs to enter and exit. EVERYONE FROM LP KNOWS YOU CAN BUY EMMA CHAMBERS AT THE SWEDISH TOUCH AND HER SISTER SASHA AT PLATTINUM CLUB FOR JUS FEW HUNDIES. So now that its out in the open just Stay in Vancouver you two slores. Don’t even think about moving back here. No one wants you whores back in our town!! Keep your dirty a55es in Vancouver selling yourselves. High class sisters the chambers sisters from Victoria need to stay in Vancouver where the gregs are old and wrinkly. They like it that way. Apparently cole haddock banged u both for free at lp. Now you can too for jus a couple hundos.

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SH October 22, 2020 at 8:49 am

Who’s Emma Chambers? I don’t recall an Emma girl going to LP when Sasha was there.


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