Sardiii,Sardii, Sardi, Sardiya, Sadiya, Sadia Ali: BLACKMAILING CRYPTOCURRENCY SCAMMER

Sardiii, Sardii, Sardi, is the latest names Sadia Ali of London has been going by on Twitter and social media channels recently. In the past, she has used the names Sardia, Sardiya, Sadiya and many other variations. She is currently using Sardiii on Twitter but watch out for other variations. Sardi is known for her cryptocurrency halawadar money transfer scam using sympathy ploys and promises for competitive returns but she threatens, harasses, and blackmails you if you dare to ask for your investment back. A few years back, Sardi offered Nikkah Mu’tah for an extra fee on top of her “companionship” fee after she got fired from the escort agency. That was a scam aw well. Do your own research using non Google search engines. WARNING! Do not give Sardiii, Sardii, Sardi, or whatever she is going by these days any personal information. She will try to ruin your life and livelihood by making false accusations and calling your workplace and wife. She even threatens to report you to the taxman.

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