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Sarah Covey Slorehawk, No Christian At All

Sarah Covey Slorehawk No Christian At All

Sarah Covey Slorehawk, No Christian At All. About 4 years ago my husband, my 3 children and myself stated attending a church. There is where I meet Sarah, 2 months after we started attending church our world came crashing down around us my mother passed away and my family feel about, my husband family was bad East so we had no one. Sarah and her husband, her sister and her husband, and Sarah’s mother took us in under their wing treated us as family we did everything together holiday, vacation, birthdays, dinner etc. Sarah was my best friend I talked to her about everything. My husband and I was having problems and I was talking to her as a friend does and she was turning everything I said around and telling my husband lies after this Sarah swooped in and tried to sleep with him. Sending him dirty photos, pictures and even tried to kiss him. Her sister and her husband tried to talked him in to moving out of the house after me and him come to an agreement to live in the house together because I could not afford the payment. He blocked them from everything and they continue to make fake accounts and numbers trying to get him to be with her.

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