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Sara Wallace — Pepsi Queen

Sara Wallace — Pepsi Queen

Wow, where do I even start? This b1tch is an abuser. Abuser of pepsi, alcohol and children. She loves to use people- anyone who will give her everything she asks for and throws a tantrum if they don’t. When she’s done with them she’s onto the next. She is such a terrible parent that she has had three of her four children taken out of her custody. She will sell all of your things for meth, Coke and liquor and if she can shell get her hands on your bank account too. If you date her and you have children- watch out! She loves to burn them with hot water, call them names, and let her kids beat and bite them. Your stuff? Ha! That can all be sold the second you go to work. After all, with no job, how else is she supposed to support her habitS? She Likes to verbally and physically abuse her boyfriends and calls them woman beaters when they’ve had enough and decide to defend themselves against her relentless attacks. She also has a warrant out for her arrest and is on the run from the cops. She will use you,abuse, and manipulate you until you have lost everything including your mind. Watch out for this psychopath!

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