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Sandy De Young — Sandy Moose Slore Dirty Termite Teeth Looking B1tch

Sandy De Young — Sandy Moose Slore Dirty Termite Teeth Looking B1tch

 Is nothing but a slimy dirty cvnt who cant back her words up when she tries to threaten others that she wants to fight she smells like Dead Sea weed in person also never showers or brushes her teeth that’s why she has termites crawling around in her teeth she is supposed to be a teacher assistant at Mi’kmawey school but going around calling other kids bastards and threatening to fight people but she doesnt have most perfect life she drives a sh1t box car grey Toyota and beats her kids to the point her daughter paige deyoung goes crying for help on social media then dirty slime bucket slore sandy goes and beats her along with Sandy’s side kick Scott Joseph Landry sandys recent fuk buddy that beats Sandy’s kids like he does to his own kids… Sandy cant even keep a roof over her kids head all she will do is sleep around when shes not working for the school board and make the multiple guys she sleeps with give her money but once they dont have a income she throws them to the curb shes definitely one big nova Scotia slore who sleeps with every guy out there look at all the guys in her profile pictures on her facebook nothing but a dirty fuking useless cvnt!!!!

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