Samuel Lazarus (Irvine) Pedophile

Samuel Lazarus originally from Irvine CA and ran away to Portland Oregon is a serial child molester who has taken advantage of several underage girls including as young as 11. He is a dangerous sociopath who has hurt many people over the years and loves to threaten people and claim he’s in a gang but yet he isn’t shit. He has a fake rapping career that isn’t going anywhere. His ex-wife left him because of how crazy he is and also lost his home and had filed for bankruptcy twice. Sam is a sick and dangerous person with a violent history dating back to 2011. He has been sued by many people for harassment and has been charged with harassment for harassing and threatening people on the internet. He is a pussy and can’t say anything to anyones face because of how much of a coward he is. He’s currently in Irvine. His address is 8 Brookdale Irvine CA 92604. Pull up on his bitch ass

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