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Samantha Granato, A 3 Faced Ccm Guzzling, Homie Hopping, Southern Babtist H0E

Samantha Granato A 3 Faced Ccm Guzzling Homie Hopping Southern Babtist H0E

The Worst Gold Diggers Author – Guys if you ever hear the name Samantha Granato run run run and don’t look back. The b1tch is psychotic and will do n e thing I’m her power of she don’t get her way.she hops around from one dude to another she has drds so b very careful. She is as sorry as they come she claims to be this big holy roller but don’t let her fool you lol she’s a southern babtist H0E at her finest. Guys I’m not joking don’t get tangled up in a sh1t show with this crazy cvnt.

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